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Schenectady Community Programs

Call the New York State Department Of Health (1-800-663-6114) to get information about how to file a complaint if a doctor does something that a patient is uncomfortable with.
The department also maintains an online list at of doctors who have been disciplined.

New York State Constitution

STAR – School Tax Relief

Child Health Plus

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program

New York “Do Not Call” Registry Web Site

New York’s Get Energy Smart Web Site!

IRS has new toll-free telephone numbers
The Internal Revenue Service has two new toll-free telephone numbers. Small businesses, corporations, partnerships and trusts that need assistance on business returns may call (800) 829-4933. Customers can also apply for a new Employer Identification Number (EIN) at this phone number.

Taxpayers who filed a 1040 series return can check on the status of their current-year tax refund by calling (800) 829-1954.